dr.dk/bordtennis (EN)

Af Magnus Jølnæs Jacobsen

This is a shortened version of the Danish breakdown of our subsite dr.dk/bordtennis. The Danish version can be found here.

One of the most important platforms in our coverage of the European Table Tennis Championships (ETTC) was our subsite at dr.dk.

The website was supposed to be our primary news platform during the event and that is how things panned out. Besides news articles the website was also used to service the users with more static elements such as our tips-and-tricks videos and De Varmeste Bat (The hottest bats – powerranking).

We encountered some technical problems when designing our subsite. This meant we would only be able to have a two column site, which in turn forced us to think out of the box and give a lot of thought to how we placed the elements on our site.

Our primary focus was that the site should be a news site. Therefore we decided to put news in one coloumn at the top, while our live blog was at the very top of the right coloumn. Below the live blog was a streaming window to allow the users to watch live footage from the tournament when visiting our site.

Below the news segment we placed the more static elements. Our tips-and-tricks videos were used as a way to break the conventional two coloumn design as it spanned the whole width of the page. After that followed our powerranking which we updated daily. Both elements which we had high hopes for before the tournament began could help us bridge different platforms.

We had hoped to significantly increase the number of ‘likes’ on the Facebook page of DR Sporten during the tournament. That explains what we did next.

Below our own static elements we put two boxes that could hopefully lead people to visit and like the Facebook page.

At the bottom of our site we put more soft elements such as galleries and stories with a more humorous or odd angle.

We put a great deal of emphasis on the fact that since we were present at the tournament we had to be the first ones to break big news and surprises and the likes. Generally anything we knew could be potentially big stories in the Danish sports media landscape.

Examples of such stories would be when Danish double sensation Pernille Agerholm eliminated fellow Dane Mie Skov in the double tournament. Both with foreign partners. The eliminations of Mie Skov and Michael Maze in the first round of the singles tournament also put our poise and coolness to the test as we where determined to break those news before anyone else. At least in the case of Michael Maze we succeeded.

As mentioned earlier we wanted to make a news site. We did however want to make sure that we didn’t forsake the more soft stories.

I general we strived to have around two stories with a high amount of actuality, sensation and/or conflict. The other news spots (out of four) would be for the soft stories such as portraits and the likes. However we all agreed that we should be able to go ‘all in’ on a story if the amount of sensation was high enough.

Furthermore we focused on not always having the latest story as the top story. Our daily news editors had the responsibility of prioritising the stories every time since we did not have access to things such as click counters.

To better plan the day we used a production plan to help give an overview of the stories upcoming.

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