Target audience

By Magnus Jølnæs Jacobsen

In the following we discuss our target audiences concerning the coverage of the European Table Tennis Championships 2012.

This version is a shorter edition of the Danish version found here (Danish)

Group 1:
– Danes with a keen interest in sports
– Core viewers of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Group 2:
– The ‘nerds’ / ‘experts’

Group 3:
– Players, friends and family

Group 4:
– Audience present at the tournament

The purpose of the project was first and foremost to create a ’second screen’ experience to provide an opportunity for Group 1 to watch the tournament on television while beeing fed with news, videoes, pictures and more via their smartphones or tablets.

In the following we will do a more thorough breakdown of the different prioritised target audience groups.

Group 1:
Not many Danes have a genuine interest in table tennis. The Danes in general, though, have a habit of going crazy when something good happens to Denmark in the world of sports. As expectations for a great Danish ETTC were high it was a top priority to make our site the place to go on the internet when looking for updates from or info about ETTC. At the same time we wanted to educate people which we tried with a series of videos with different tips and tricks, to give an example.

Group 2:
The nerds were merely a working terminology for those among the Danish population and our viewers who are really the experts of table tennis. To make sure that this group was sufficently serviced we had to focus not only on the Danish players but on the world class stars playing in the tournament too. We did this by writing background stories and articles with a surprising, funny or otherwise different angle.

Group 3:
We put this up as a specific group to service family and friends of the Danish players as well a the players themselves. As this group is very small we did not directly service this group during the tournament. They could gain useful information from articles and the likes on our website.

Group 4:
People present at the tournament will have mostly kept an eye on what was happening live in front of them. Still, we would like to service them as well as possible. Our liveblog along with articles gave everyone including people on site the opportunity to stay up to date all the time with their smartphone or tablet.

During the tournament we were forced to re-strategize on the fly, when all Danes crashed out of the tournament in a matter of hours. Thus our entire foundation to service the sports interested Danes with a second screen experience to use during the ETTC was gone.

Instead of focusing on the logical – the Danes – we had to switch our focus to the big stars and thus our secondary target audience – group 2.


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